DEHIO Portal – Handbook of Art Monuments in the Baltic States A project of the Böckler Mare Balticum Foundation in cooperation with partners from the Baltic States and Germany. The broad aim of the project is to index and analyse the cultural heritage of the three Baltic States on the basis of a selection of 1,000 representative examples of architecture from each country. The results will be published both as a printed handbook compiled according to the guidelines of Georg Dehio, and in a more contemporary form as a digital database (“DEHIO Portal”).

The year-long pre-project was carried out in 2018 with the generous financial support of the German federal government representative for culture and media (BKM). Since February 2019 the main project, on the art monuments of the Baltic States (currently Estonia), is being pursued over a three-year period. This has been made possible by continued generous support from the BKM as well as from the Foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius, and the Gerda Henkel Foundation. Follow-on projects on Latvia (begin 2022) and Lithuania are at the planning stages. The DEHIO Portal East Central Europe should be available on the internet by November 2021. The database and website are under development, and will be hosted at the Herder Institute in cooperation with the digiCult-Verbund eG.

Dehio Vereinigung – Wissenschaftliche Vereinigung zur Fortführung des kunsttopographischen Werkes von Georg Dehio e.V.
Deutsches Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte DDK / Bildarchiv Foto Marburg digiCULT-Verbund eG
Estonian National Heritage Board/ Muinsuskaitseamet
Estonian Academy of Arts / Eesti Kunstiakadeemia
Herder Institute for Historical Research – Institute of the Leibniz Society
Estonian Museum of Architecture / Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseum in Tallinn
The project was added to the list of official contributions for the European culture heritage year SHARING HERITAGE 2018.

Supported by:
The German federal government representative for culture and media (BKM)
The Gerda Henkel Foundation
The Foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius