Travel Expenses

Reimbursements for train rides are only available for second-class travel; those for flights are to be used for economy class. Railcards and/or reduced fares should be selected whenever possible; flights and hotels should be booked early and as cost-efficiently as possible. Reimbursement of taxi rides is only possible in certain circumstances. The use of the applicant’s own car is only permitted after consultation with the foundation’s managing director and in certain circumstances (e.g. for transportation of heavy objects or shared rides). In such cases, travel expenses will be reimbursed at a flat rate of €0.30/km. In all cases, expenses must be comparable as far as possible: travel expenses for private cars may only slightly exceed those for using public transport.

Form for travel expenses
Please submit the completed form with the original receipts (itemized where applicable) to
the foundation’s executive office:

Postfach 19 18 04
14008 Berlin